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One of Clayton’s Favorite Emergency Roof Repair Near me

If you’re looking for emergency roof repair near me, call Clayton Roofing Pros. We have over 20 years of siding experience and are licensed and insured.

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emergency roof repair near me

Emergency Roof Repair Near Me

At Clayton Roofing, we set the standard for the best emergency roof repair near me company in Clayton, NC. Our greatest area of expertise is in emergency roof repair services. We take pride in our ability to assess your roof repair needs quickly, giving us the opportunity to deliver service affordably and fast.

With any commercial or home roof repairs, we handle all emergencies with a high standard of care and attention to detail. Our repairs will make your roof strong and durable again. Our aim is to help extend the life of your roof and therefore your home. We are not only committed to repairing your roof to the most precise guidelines, but we will educate you on the process of caring for your newly repaired roof.

Reliable Roof Repair in Clayton, NC

When the recent storm severely damages your roof, you need to call Clayton Roofing Pros. Our emergency roof repair near me services are available 24/7 7 days a week. Our roofing repair services are reliable, affordable, and trustworthy. Clayton Roofing Pro’s is fast, when you need to most. Whether it’s large hail damage, a tree fell on your roof, or severe wind damage, call us ASAP.

At Clayton Roofing Pros, our professional emergency roofers are on call day and night. As the leading roof repair near me service provider in Clayton, you can rest easy knowing we’re on the way.

Emergency Roof Repair- What to do

If your roof is severely damaged, there are a few things to do and not to do. Since your roof is an intergral part of your homes integrity, the most important thing is to remain calm and safe.

Stay Calm

More times than not, roof damage looks a lot worse than it actually is. Make sure the inside of your home is protected from debris and the elements the best you can, and then call for emergency roof repair services. You want a profession roofing expert to come as quickly as possible.

Protect Your Home

While you wait, cover any holes in the roof with a plastic tarp. Move furniture or cover it with a tarp. And call emergency roof repair near me services ASAP. We have roofers available 24/7.


Once the roofer gets to your home, he/she will inspect the area. They will work up a quote that you can give to your homeowners insurance, and have you call them ASAP. From that point on, it’s just getting everything moving to repair your roof. Relax- we’ve got this!

emergency roof repair near me