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Residential Roof Repair in Clayton, NC 

Did last nights storm damage your roof? If so, our residential roof repair services in Clayton. NC are exactly what you need. Call today. 

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Residential Roof Repair in clayton, NC

Residential Roof Repair Services

When your roof is leaking, has experienced damage from a limb or storm, or you see cosmetic needs- our residential roof repair services in Clayton, NC are what you need.
Clayton Roofing Pros understands that with our severe weather, roof damage can happen in the blink of an eye. However, tree limbs falling on your roof are not the only repairs we make. We can fix your shingles blown off by wind, repair a leak from a poorly installed roof, or simply do yearly inspections to keep your roof working for you.

Set Up A Residential Roof Repair Free Estimate

The best way to get started is to set up a free estimate consultation. Our roofing experts will do a thorough repair needs inspection and give you an honest, transparent estimate. No matter what happened, a tree falling on your roof or billy hit the baseball a little too hard, we can fix it.

Will Insurance Cover My Roof Repair Costs?

If your roof was damaged by hail, a tree, or storm damage it’s very likely your homeowners insurance will cover the expenses. However, if your teenager thought it was a good idea to jump from the roof to the trampoline, and damaged the shingles in the act, your insurance might decline to pay for that. Contact Clayton Roofing Pro’s today, we are happy to work with your insurance.

Reach Out to the Leading Roofing Company in Clayton, NC Today

We are the leading residential roof repair business in Clayton, NC and the surrounding areas. Clayton Roofing Pros are committed to delivering exceptional work with a level of integrity unmatched by our competitors. Our services include:

We use only top quality supplies, ensuring your roof last for many years to come.

Our huge selection of materials guarantees you will find one that fits the character of your residence. From asphalt to metal, we are confident we can give you are the roof repairs you want.  Your roof is the most critical part in protecting your house. Our experience in home roofing repairs ensures you only receive expert work. From your initial contact to the final walk through, you are treated with the utmost respect. Any questions that you have before, during, or after the project are always welcomed and answered quickly. We take pride in working to go beyond your expectations.

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